Our Company

We are an independent equity media research firm, which provides guidance to our subscribers about which stocks to buy, sell or hold. Our key goal is to provide ideas to clients that enable them to navigate and achieve success in complex markets. We follow the methodology of Benjamin Graham who was the great American economist and professional investor.

In our newsletter, we look for stocks that are out of favour with the market. We try to buy stocks that have low price earnings ratios and higher than average yield. We look for companies that have long term growth prospects and those prospects have been currently been obscured by macro-economic factors or industry factors. A lot of information is intangible and cannot be measured. The quantifiable aspects of a company such as profits are easy enough to find. But how does one measure the qualitative factors such as the company's management, it's competitive advantages, it's brand name and so on? The combination of tangible and intangible aspects makes picking stocks a highly subjective process. At KALKINE we look at both qualitative and quantitative factors and then make our decision.
The two main reasons for investing in equities that we would like to emphasize are:-

  • Protection against the erosion of one’s wealth due to inflation.
  • Higher average return to investors over the years produced both by a dividend income exceeding the yield on bonds and the market value going up.

Stocks are subject to swings or market fluctuations on an ongoing basis and for that reason an investor should be interested in taking advantage of these fluctuations. At KALKINE we endeavour to provide you with recommendations that provide our members with appropriate timing and pricing to achieve that.

At KALKINE we make sure that we look at both the qualitative and quantitative factors. When looking at the quantitative factors we consider items like capitalization, earnings, dividends, assets and liabilities. While considering the qualitative characteristics we look at the nature of business, position of company in the industry and other operating characteristics.

When we look for mining companies to recommend in the Resources Report, we ask ourselves various questions. Some of the main questions that we ask ourselves are What commodities are being explored for ?, Where are the projects?, Are the projects of significant scale ?, Is there potential for high grade mineralisation ?, Who is the Managing Director ?, How much cash does the company have ?, When will the company be drilling ?, Is a re-rating of mineral resources possible ? and What are the relevant risks ?

Only after answering these questions in great detail, we will disseminate information about a stock.